no signal from lanes using midi New/Stacked

Hi folks,

Running 6.5 on Windows 7.
When I load an instrument and record using midi New Parts/Stacked and loop, the new lanes with midi data are created,
but only the last lane created will play sounds.
If i show lanes and select another lane, nothing sounds. If i delete the last lane, nothing sounds.
If I create tracks from lanes, same issue.
I’ve tried with trillian, retrologue, ect. no luck

When I do the same thing with halion sonic and load drums, it works great.

Any suggestions are appreciated !


A little more detail:
When I loop record midi with New Parts/Mixed Stack(no mute) , I can hear all the lanes, and can solo any of them.
With New Parts/Stacked I can only hear the last lane recorded.
Does anyone else have this issue, or does this work as advertised?
I must be missing something obvious.


This is the standard behavior for New Lanes loop recording. It mutes the old parts (hence the “no mute” option).
Use the mute tool (the X) to unmute them. The mute/unmute attribute is carried with the part anywhere you move it.

D’oh ! Thanks Jaslan.