No signal from midi controller


I hope someone have the time to help me!

I’m no using Cubase 6 32 bits and 64 bits. Just upgraded from Cubase 5. I had a problem in Cubase 5 which I hoped that would be solved with Cubase 6, but no. :imp:
This have worked fine for a long time, but suddenly the problem appeared;

In Cubase 64 bits it works fine. I get a signal from my midi controller (keyboard).
In Cubase 32 bits I don’t get a signal from my midi controller!!

I have compared the preferences between 32x and 64x, but I can’t find any differences.
As it works in 64x I assume it has nothing to do with my interface (RME Fireface UC)

I have contacted both Steinberg and RME support but they only blame each other so far…

I would really appreciate your help/suggestions in this matter