No Signal from Second Input On Interface

I’m using Cubase Artist 9.5. I’d like to be able to use both inputs on my interfaces to record on two tracks at the same time (two mics, mic and guitar etc.), but I seem to be missing something. I’ve tried both interfaces separately, and the issue is the same for both. The interfaces are both Edirol ( UA5 and UA-25). In Cubase Audio Connections, I have set up busses Stereo In left and right, Mono In and Mono In 2. I can only get an input signal on a track from input 1 on each interface, with the Mono In bus selected on the track.
When I plug a guitar or mic into input 2 on each interface and select Mono In 2 on a second track, there is a signal showing in the input meter on the transport panel, but no signal going into the armed second track. In each interface’s control panel, the ports are showing as: In and In®and Out and Out® and Out and Out®. All four ports are showing as active. Having tried two interfaces, I’m guessing that it’s not a hardware problem, rather something I’m not doing (or doing wrong) in the set up and configuration.
Any advice towards a solution would be much appreciated.

Are you are saying…

  • Audio track 1 has I/O buses assigned as Mono In & Main Stereo Out and that audio track 2 has I/O buses assigned as Mono In 2 & Main Stereo Out?
  • Both tracks have the Record Enable and Monitor functions enabled.
  • Both Gain controls on the interface are set correctly.
  • Volume is set correctly in the Cubase Mixconsole on both tracks.
  • Nothing is “Muted”.

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Thanks Prock. Everything was set as described in your post. Which made it all the more confusing. I discovered a Youtube video on ‘Interface Setup in Cubase’ since posting. Turns out what I had to do was to clear all busses in VST connections and create two new mono busses (Mono in and Mono in 2). I now have signals from both inputs on the interface recording on separate tracks. Appreciate your response.