No signal from sustain pedal

Hello, I have searched all day long for a solution but no luck.
I have SL73 keyboard hooked up with a ps100 pedal that came with it.
My old midi controller had no issues with the sustain pedal but with this one there is absolutely no signal.
I tried different pedal outputs, tried connecting the keyboard via USB but nothing has worked.
Anyone has any experience with this?
Thank you

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, make sure, the SL73 is not in use as an input of any Remote Device (Studio > Studio Setup), like Mackie Control or other. Also make sure, there is no All MIDI Inputs in use for the Remote Device.

Thanks for the quick reply Martin,
I checked remote devices and it is not in use as an input.

So I’ve solved it by doing this:
I plugged the pedal into 1(switch) slot on the sl73 and then disable the function of the pedal from keyboards menu. (Programs +/- → OFF)