No signal from VST instruments

I recently switched to Dorico from Sibelius. I’m not particularly clued up when it comes to configuring playback settings, especially when working with different sound libraries. When I go to the play view and try to assign an instrument, it never seems to generate a signal when I audition the sound. I’ve tried it with a couple of sound libraries and couple of different instruments, but nothing seems to work, although it’s quite possible I’m missing something very obvious. I’ve watched some of the troubleshooting videos, so I’ve checked the driver and output settings but can’t work out what the problem might be.
Can anyone think of a solution?
FYI, I’m working on Windows.

Hi wastrel, welcome to the forum. When you begin note entry, do you hear the notes playing back as they’re added to the score?

If you’ve tried a couple of different virtual instruments, etc., I hope you’ll forgive the stupid question, but did you install all three installers that were provided in Steinberg Download Assistant, i.e. the Dorico application installer itself, plus the two installers called “Dorico Playback 1” and “Dorico Playback 2”? Once those are installed, you should find that Dorico automatically loads sounds and plays things back with no issues.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything several times to no avail.

yes, I have noticed that until I start note-entry mode, I don’t get playback from my midi keyboard. Try double-clicking on a measure and then hit escape, then play the keyboard

also check the play template isn’t at silent.

wastrel92, you’ve reappeared after six months! Do you get playback when you hit Space? Is it only that you’re not hearing notes when you click on them or otherwise navigate between them with the arrow keys? Does this happen even if you go to Play > Playback Template and make sure you have re-applied the default ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template?