No signal into Revalver as an Insert...?

Using Cubase Elements 7.

Having created an Instrument track and not been able to make it use Revalver I concluded this is the wrong way to use Revalver in Cubase, correct?

So I created an Audio track and I tried to place an Insert on that audio track and set up Revalver 4 as the insert.

Everything seems to link up and appear as expected but I CANNOT get a signal into Revalver.

I know there is signal being passed from the Fast Track Duo interface and I can record from it directly as an Audio track but when I put Revalver as an Insert I cannot get anything passed through to Revalver.

How should I go about setting this up?

Many thanks


In the end I figured it out and used Revalver 4 as an Insert so all good.