No signal on DAW


I’m so frustrated I just got my MR816X installed everything as stated on my Win 7 64bit Laptop, I get sound and metering on the MR Editor, hear sound on the headphones and outputs. But when it comes to Cubase recording it won’t show metering and even record the signal it being send to the interface (neither ins or outs). :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

PS: I’m using this ExpressCard, even a user review states a MR816 is being used.

Really hoping someone can help me!


It would help to know something about your system. What version of Cubase, etc? Most here have essential info posted in our signature so that others can more easily help us.


Toshiba Satellite A665
Core i5
Win 7 64bit

Cubase AI 6.0.7

The connection is being made with the StarTech card mentioned above with Chipset Texas Instruments - XIO2200A

It’s weird I’ve just come up from a friends house and connected to its desktop and its fully working… Can the problem reside on the ExpressCard chipset? Its confusing since Steinberg Knowledge Base has NO info about expresscards.

I had the same problem last night at a live event. I was using my Macbook Pro (OS10.7.5) and N5.5.5.

Two day ago I did a fresh uninstall/install of the latest MR tools package (-3) and also upped my Nuendo to 5.5.4, the to 5.5.5 and it all worked fine with the MR816x. Then at the rehearsal yesterday the MR816x displayed audio, the input section of Nuendo showed audio, but it wouldn’t show or record on the channels.

I reinstalled N5.5.3 but that didn’t make any difference.

I further fiddled with various options and finally disabled direct monitoring. I don’t know if that was what did it but it started working and recording. Fortunately, I didn’t need to monitor through the MR816x so not having direct monitoring wasn’t a problem.

Usually the direct monitoring works normally and that feature is why i bought the MR816x. What am I missing here?

Thanks for any help,


I don’t know how this applies on a Mac, but in Windows 7 there was a lot of talk early on about needing to select a different Firewire driver than the one Windows applied automatically. From device setup, the word was out to choose the driver named “legacy firewire driver” (I can’t remember the exact name, it’s been a while).

Maybe there is a hint for you in what I had to go through to get my external FX to work. The MR series were advertised as having unprecedented integration into Cubase. As a former user of the old mLan protocol and Yamaha Studio Manager, I find this description ludicrous. My experience is that there is actually less control. Studio Manager could address every single hardware function from inside Cubase. Using the MR, To get an external FX unit defined in Control Room to work, I had to open the MR Editor (with Cubase not running) and change the I/O levels to zero db (from the default of minus inf.) for the channels I wanted to use for the FX, then save this as the default preset, all before running Cubase, only because the hardware I/O settings for signals defined as an external FX are totally inaccessible from inside Cubase using any of the supposed 'integrated" features. Once defind as External FX channels, the channels simply do not appear in any mixer, nor do they show up in the MR Hardware settings dialog box.