No signal on Stereo Out


There’s no signal on my stereo out. There are meter 2 plugins inserted on the stereo out channel, all of which are bubbling with life, but no sign of life on the stereo out channel meter itself, and no signal at my interface. There are no changes to this basic setup within audio connections, as it is currently a mastering template with only 1 stereo audio track in use. I’ve completley re-installed, re-booted but no change. I’ve re-installed my I/O driver - still nothing. I read another forum post with same issue, but the remedial actions recommnded, didn’t work for me. That post also said it was a bug. Any information would be thoroughly appreciated.


Sorry if I ask too simple questions: Could it be you have the channel muted?

What happens if you take the metering plugins out of the inserts? Since you seem to have bought them only recently, is one or both maybe still running as trial?