No signal path to VST inserts ....

Hi… I’m having trouble using inserts on audio tracks in cubase 4, the plug-ins install and can be edited, and modified etc, but there is no signal to them from the main audio channel input…until something is actually recorded, then the plug-in receives a signal. This would be ok, but I need to be able to monitor what the plug-in will sound like BEFORE I record, for example… when using amp modelling software such as Peavey Revalver. I am really stumped on this as I used to be able to pre-audition the plug-ins before, with no problems… I will try a full reinstall of Cubase and all of my third party plug-ins such as Kontakt4 etc to see if it will cure the problem, but any advice would be very gratefully appreciated :slight_smile: Many thanks in advance… Husky.

Turn off Direct Monitoring.

Hits my head with a wet fish… I have NO idea how it came to be turned on… and what’s worse, I even checked the device set-up to ensure my I/O’s were all active… thanks so much for the kick up the backside…:slight_smile:))) Husky.