No signal to UR28M from computer

Windows 10 and UR28M: A) Upgraded to Cubase Pro 12 from pro 11 … B) audio signal getting to UR but not to DAW C) installed new "Tools for UR28M v222 and eliscencer update, and did liscencer maintenance … D) Now I’ve got nothing. No signal to UR28M from computer. Did windows system sound test with no helpful results. Thanks in advance for any help you might be willing to offer!

Hi @jlondon -

I’ve often had problems updating UR28M drivers, ultimately fixed by repeated various combinations of rebooting, rolling back, rebooting, updating again, rebooting, throwing a pinch of salt over my left shoulder, etc.

BTW, the eLicencer isn’t needed for running C12. If you didn’t have C12 up and running well before the UR28M driver update, maybe that’s going to be the main issue.

Thanks so much for your input. Didn’t know eliscencer wasn’t necessary for C12. I may have solved at least part of my problem by doing some tweaking within the UR28m hardware app (I even lost signal to my monitors at one point). Turns out it takes several seconds for the hardware changes to take effect and I was just clicking away (grin). I haven’t even had time to revisit C12 yet to see if results are positive.