No sliceing of loops in H4?

I haven’t found a way of sliceing loops in Halion 4, only that you can import sliced loops from Cubase. Am I right?

Check from manual page 63.

Maybe shall we use the advanced slicing abilities of Cubase and drag and drop those slices to HALion4?

If that works then it may be a nice solution, without creating redundant functions in HALion 4, but may not be the best solutions for other users using a different host.

It will probably work just fine except that you then will have to reimport the audio file everytime you want to slice the loop differently or to change say x-fades, etc, and you won’t have the possibillity to do a quality check by playing the slices from your keyboard until they’re imported to H4. This seem like yesterdays idea of workflow if it turns out to be the only way of working with sliced loops in H4.

Will get H4 early next week, so will check how it works then.

I don’t have any cubase,as I use other daws,so what does this mean for users like me? Is there at all a slice mode in Halion 4 or what?