No "Snare Off"

Im using GA4 “Heavy in Jamaica” to play the Wailers Three Little Birds, but the snare won’t let me turn off snares.

This seems to be an issue with all GA4 acoustic drum kits, i.e. snare off doesn’t seem have not been sampled on any kit. There is a blend control which is set to mic gain on the resonant head of the snare but faffing with that doesn’t turn snares off.

Im using Yamaha XP120SD snare with a DTX900M module. This electronic snare has a rotary button which can set to snare on/off (at least in the DTX900M kits). If I use it in GA4 “Heavy in Jamaica” it plays something called a stick on snare pad. Not that useful.

However I noticed that in the percussion agent there was a timbale that gives a sound kinda close to what Im looking for. I saw a video showing how easy it was to drop a sample from the browser onto the pad. but how do you get a list of timbales to appear in the browser?


So I have loaded “heavy in Jamaica” or better still the “Montuno shoes Mix 01” from the latin kits in Simon Phillips addon.

Go to the browser and search for timbales. Get a list of timbales audio files come up (.wav). Preview one and then click and drag it to the snare. The snare pad icon changes to some graphic i don’t have the first idea what it means and can’t find any reference in the manual. But if I drop it there nothing changes.

The audio file I’m trying to put on the main snare hit pad is FC02-PC12-HiTimbaleOpen_v5R_AM

Im not posting on here for the good of my health!

I need solutions from steinberg on these issues and also the ride cymbal failing to choke.

Just to give you a little advice- If you need information from Steinberg, you probably need to contact Steinberg directly. This is a user forum and isn’t specifically monitored by Steinberg. If any users can help you with your issue, they probably will, but I have come to the conclusion that a lot of my own issues with Cubase are not things typically experienced by other users, since I rarely get any satisfactory feedback on the forum. It’s likely that your issues are not things that other users have trouble with, or it is something easily found in the manual, hence the lack of response.

That being said, I myself have only GA4SE, so I do not have the Acoustic Agent that allows me to set up a cymbal choke. If you have Acoustic Agent in GA4, I believe you can create a choke, but I’m not certain of that. I was able to do it when I had a trial version of GA5, but I have not yet made the full purchase, so I can’t look at that specifically at the moment. But it’s in the manual.