No sound after splitting flows

I don’t know, if this is a know behaviour:
I did quite a lot of imports from Sibelius or Photoscore in the last days. I had to split flows in most of these projects. Sometimes I didn’t have any sound in the the new flows. Flow 1 always plays back normal. After reassigning the playback template, everything works fine.
IIRC I always used Noteperformer in these projects. If this is not known, I could try to find a reproducible case.

Do your new flows add new players? It could explain why it doesn’t work before you reapply the playback template

As far as I know, splitting flows doesn’t create any new players.

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You’re right. This is a strange behavior, certainly unexpected.

I can’t reproduce this, at least not using the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template (I don’t have NotePerformer on my M1 Mac). The steps I’m taking:

  1. Create a new project for e.g. solo piano.
  2. Input notes into a few bars.
  3. Play back to verify that everything plays back as expected.
  4. Select a note at the beginning of, say, bar 3.
  5. Choose Write > Split Flow.
  6. Play back the project from the beginning.

For me, both the first and second flows play back as expected.