No Sound after updating to 1.0.1

Hey there!
After installing the update 1.0.1 the sound doesn’t work at all. No playback, which did work in the first release, and no playback while in write mode. Every time I start Dorico again I also have to change the Sample rate in the audio settings (it’s always at the lowest rate). But this has no effect. Would be great if anybody has a hint on this one. Latest drivers for my Motu pci 424 are installed, I’m on OS X El Capitan.

Best from Vienna,

I have the same problem: No sound after updating.
The update caused no problem with the files.
Play Back looks like usual, the mixer and the Halon-window shows sound activity. But nothing in the speakers.
I use the Steinberg UR22mkII external sound card. And I can hear music and system sounds - but nothing from dorico.
(Was it a fault that I downloaded and installed the low latency driver from Steinberg too. )

I also installed the update now on my MacBook Pro Mid 2014 2,6 GHz i5, with OS X Sierra running. I use the internal sound card and everything works normal. Playback is working fine and while writing the notes I can here them play back. So it has to be an issue either between the motu driver and dorico and/or el capitan and dorico…

I use Windows 10 on a PC. And nothing is changed between use of Dorico 1 and 1.01. It surely is a driver problem, but …??? I have no other sound-drivers installed and no connections other than the Yamaha/Steinberg external sound-card.

Hi guys,

would you do me a favour and start Dorico, create a new Piano project, add a handful arbitrary notes, save the project and post it here?
Then I can have look and see what might be wrong.


Hi Ulf!

Here’s the file:

Best, Victor

Dear Ulf

Thanks for your mail.

I created some notes in a piano-staff.
Sound works fine. Instantaneous sound on inputting.

But my Wagner-file from Dorico 1 does not play back.
I send both to you.
Best wishes
Arne Dich

Hi Victor,
from the project file I can see that no audio device got recognized at all, not even build-in audio. Could you please check (with e.g. Activity Monitor) that the VSTAudioEngine process is actually running? Or are there maybe two of those processes. That shall not be, only ever one VSTAudioEngine process allowed at any given time.

Cheers, Ulf

Dear Ulf
I loaded an older version of Wagner (Wagner 6 - now also available in the BOX). It played fine, strange enough.
And suddenly the newest Wagner also played fine.
I now can hear the sound in my older dorico files now.
Don’t know what happened. Dorico use the Steinberg USB sound-card.
Thank you for your interest in our problems - it apparently worked like a magic button over the borders.

But why is the sound “hopping”. There is a gap between the legato-notes. Like portamento or long stakkatos. And there is no reaction on forte or piano.

Hi Arne,

2 of your projects look normal to me and I would expect both of them to play back fine.
Only ‘Wagner Siegfried Idyll’ looks broken and no sound will come out.
To correct this try following:

  • Open the Device Setup dialog and choose another device, e.g. Built-in Audio.
  • Close the dialog and open again
  • Choose your UR and close yet again

Then I would expect sound to come out. Does it work for you?

Cheers, Ulf

Hi Ulf, thanks for your quick response. I deactivated the Built-in Audio. So I will activate it again, maybe it has an effect. Actually there is only one VSTAudioEngine process running. I made a screenshot of the activation monitor and the audio setup.
Best, Victor

I have no built in audio. I have tried to use the “new” steinberg low latency driver. If I check the first box in this driver I can see The USB device. But no sound. But the Steinberg USB device works now.
As I wrote in the mail that crossed yours - the playback now works but sound in forte-shortened notes all the time.
(What is UR?)

I put the “new” Dorico 101 Wagner in the BOX.

Dear Ulf!

Reactivating the Built-In Audio did it for me. After changing it again to my Motu card I have now full sound playback - also in old projects.
Thanks for your great help!!

Best from Vienna,

Sorry for abbreviating, when I speak of ‘UR’ of course I mean your UR22mkII.

And actually the “new” steinberg low latency driver, is not so new at all, in fact, it’s pretty old. Also, it’s a generic driver that should work with any ASIO-compatible audio interface. But because it is generic, it doesn’t offer the best performance, so dedicated drivers (provided from the actual audio device manufacturer) should do a much better job and also may take advantage of specific hardware features.
But from your new Wagner project, I can see that you are already using the correct driver for your UR22mkII, it’s the
“Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO” driver. Always stick to that one and you will be fine.

Unfortunately I can’t say anything to the “forte-shortened notes” issue. I’m from the audio engine team and this seems to be more of a Dorico internal problem. You may want to start a new thread to get renewed attention from Daniel and his team.

Thank you, Ulf, for your answer.
I asked about the UR, because there on these pages are a lot of abbreviations and technical talk. It’s O.K., but some of it is rather new to me, unless I have taught music theory and arrangement combined with the use of music-notation since 1993.
Best wishes, Arne Dich

The Wager is great - thanks for making this available