No sound at all

I get no sound at all from Dorico 4. I have been using NotePerformer, restarted Dorico in Rosetta, still no sound. I switched to Halion Sonic SE, still no sound. Made new file, still no sound. My midi keyboard enters notes but no sound. Other programs do play sound through my speakers, so it’s clearly a Dorico problem. Quite willing to be told I’ve neglected something obvious…

Sometimes everything plays back through Dorico Beep, though. That’s when I am set to Note Performer (no Rosetta). But then when I switch back to Halion things seem to be assigned correctly but no sound.

OK. When I manually assigned instruments in the Halion window, I did get playback, but it all seems to be playing through one channel, a supposedly non-playing channel that I use for cue notes. Nothing in the channels for the instruments. And still nothing from my midi keyboard.

It sounds like you had previously set your default playback template to be NotePerformer, which won’t be possible when you’re running natively on your M1, and Dorico’s getting confuzzled. Try setting the default playback template to HSSE+HSO (Pro) instead. In projects where you’re getting no sound, go to Play > Playback Template and apply the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template. Hopefully that will restore things for you.