No sound / audio standalone Halion SE + Groove Agent

Inside Cubase 12 Artist they work but:
both standalone instruments Halion SE and Groove Agent 5 SE don’t work anymore with my Motu M4 interface. The M4 has 4 Outputs but none works. Additional in Groove Agent the play button to play a Pattern doen’t work either…

  1. guess: it is Motu related
  2. guess: it is Steinberg related

Any ideas?? Thank you!!

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My system: MacOs Ventura 13.2

I found out the following in another Steinberg Forum Post:
If you have the same problem read there - you can solve it via setting an Aggregate Device under MacOs!

IF you know an out of the box solution please write it here for everybody!!!
If Motu support gives me sth. better I will post it here.

Motu support wrote back to me an told me that their tech people are on it.
I’ll post news here. Anyone having the same problem?

Motu Support tested it and told me to contact Steinberg support. I will post news when Steinberg gets back to me. I wrote a support ticket.
Motu had the same problem using a Mac Mini M1 (with MacOs 12.6). Under Windows 11 everything worked fine, Motu stated. So this seems to be Mac related.

Support answered fast and told me:
The new Halion Sonic 7 works right out of the box!
I tested it: wuhuuu it works :handshake: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Halion Sonic SE 3 does not work out of the box.
It does work as I described above under MacOs → you need to set an “Aggregated Device”. This means you combine the internal Mac Mini output with the Motu M4 audiointerface. Well actually it is enough to set the tick just for the Motu M4.

Here a screenshot for all the people who use Halion Sonic SE 3:

  1. Open the MacOs Tool “Audio-Midi-Setup”
  2. click the + (down left corner)
  3. then use this Aggregated Device / Multiausgangsgerät in Halion Sonic SE 3

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With Groove Agent SE 5 it is still the same. Support told me this will be looked into for future a update.

Little Update from my end:
I now have Groove Agent 5 (updated my SE) - still the same problem.

One more standalone with this problem:
The Grand 3
It works like with the others: create an Aggregate Device - as seen in the screenshot above.

I will write a support ticket on this, so they get into this. I just bought Absolute 6, so this is how I got to test it with The Grand 3 now.

Apparently this seems to be a thing with at least the 3 standalone instruments:

  • GA 5 (SE)
  • Halion SE 3
  • The Grand 3