No sound / audio standalone Halion SE + Groove Agent

Inside Cubase 12 Artist they work but:
both standalone instruments Halion SE and Groove Agent 5 SE don’t work anymore with my Motu M4 interface. The M4 has 4 Outputs but none works. Additional in Groove Agent the play button to play a Pattern doen’t work either…

  1. guess: it is Motu related
  2. guess: it is Steinberg related

Any ideas?? Thank you!!

My system: MacOs Ventura 13.2

I found out the following in another Steinberg Forum Post:
If you have the same problem read there - you can solve it via setting an Aggregate Device under MacOs!

IF you know an out of the box solution please write it here for everybody!!!
If Motu support gives me sth. better I will post it here.

Motu support wrote back to me an told me that their tech people are on it.
I’ll post news here. Anyone having the same problem?