No sound, but not always

Usually I can sort out no-sound issues by checking Device Setup and/or restarting the program or the PC, but this one has me stumped. I’m using NP, by the way. The score is a piece for male choir and piano, with a brass band template added to begin the work of making an arrangement for it (the piano eventually being deleted).

First, copying the top notes of the piano RH into the top solo cornets worked as expected, but when I duplicated those notes down to the second of the solo cornets staves, those notes didn’t play back (and experiments with other duplicated instruments had the same symptom).

Then I became aware that neither the piano nor the choral staves were playing back at all; within a short time no sound came from any staves in the score, and no amount of switching off and back again has succeeded in restoring the sound.

However, a backup file, prepared before tempo markings were added, and probably a few other tweaks, works fine, and I’ll probably end up working from it, copying over anything I need from the unco-operative one.

But what can I have done to the score to cause the problems? Is there anything in the tempo markings, of all things, that could be affecting playback? I experimentally suppressed playback of the initial marking, but that had no effect.

I could have done something in Play mode, but I never go there: I don’t understand it well enough.

Y Bryniau Melynion, band pres.dorico (1.3 MB)
Y Bryniau Melynion, from backup.dorico (1.3 MB)

I can’t see anything amiss but reapplying the Noteperformer Playback template seems to resolve the issue.

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Thanks as ever, Craig. I hardly ever dare to venture into the realms of Play mode, but that indeed did the trick!

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