No sound by loading a xlm datai

Rhythm of life 2024.dorico (1.0 MB)

someone can help me?

Hi @Beni,

if you pull up the master fader (der rote Ausgangs-Fader) you will also hear sound.

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Thx. I just figured out, when I start a new project and add instruments all of sudden all the volumes are all the way down? that is not helpful. can I change that?

Please check program settings for playback (Standard-Ausgangspegel) …

Thx, that might help

Now the trumpete when it has a staccato has a basstube sounds with it. That is not quit that what I want. Is there a solution?

You have to assign the correct expression map, otherwise the MIDI notes that tell the instrument about what playing technique to use are not interpreted and sound as normal notes.

How can I do so?

While in Play Mode click on the red circled button.

The Endpoint Setup dialog will come up where you can assign the appropriate expression map.

I just dont know how i should know which one is the correct expression map? I think I now have the same problem with my Bass. I just dont get it.

If you are unsure, just apply a standard Dorico Playback Template and everything should play with appropriate expression maps. (Play>Playback Template…).

Things only become complicated if you are using 3rd party VST libraries, where you will need to create/find appropriate expression maps.