No sound & cant create Title

When creating an empty file I cant type in my title or composer. When I tupe notes, it doesnt play them back and when i hit the play button no sound comes. When will the updated version come?

Please do not double post. It wastes people’s time reading and divides responses between multiple threads.

Title and composer name would be added through the File Info option in the File menu of the desktop version. Presumably the option is available through a like menu on iPad.

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Hi thats rude. I am not waisting anyone time! I have an ipad version not desktop and its not the same. I have watched tutorials and learned my way through it. Couple days ago it stopped working. I cant create title or hear sound so its obviously not my ipad or me. Something is wrong with the system

Please calm down. You posted this same question on another thread and @Derrek was politely reminding you of the forum etiquette.


I just gave you a link to the manual above. Please read it.

Thank you for your time. And im not good with forums so that must have been a mistake on my part

I am sorry I have tried to find it and I cannot. I dont have certain buttons, my lay out is different. I dont have a send button or go back button and I dont have the menu to the project info. =(

Look for the three horizontal line icon at the top right of the screen. Project Info should be the first item at the top of the list when you press that. That should lead you to the screen to enter title, composer, etc.

Thats what I am saying that I dont have that. I wish I could send you a picture so you could see

If you don’t see the menu, try rotating the iPad to tall and back to wide orientation. Sometimes that helps re-display the controls.

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Oh my goodness! Thank you. That helped. Thank you so much!

Now how about sound? Why cant I hear the notes when typing or when played back. What am I doing wrong?

If no one else has a suggestion about the sound, at the bottom of the same list is an option to Create Diagnostic Report, which should create a file you can attach here for folks like Daniel and Ulf to analyze.

[My sound works on the new version as it always has so I cannot be much help there. I do not know what your configuration is (free or subscription), but that should not affect sound.]

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Thank you. I think I have found that resetting the sound helped bring it back. Thank you all for your help

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