No sound coming from Cubase 5, please help?

Hello, I am using Cubase 5 and Windows 7 and there is no sound coming from the program, even though it used to work. My computer doesn’t have ASIO so I installed ASIO4All, but for some reason under VST connections it says “not connected” for each output with no other option available. It might be worth noting that every time I reinstall ASIO4All, Windows tells me that it did not install correctly, although I am not sure why this is. Does anyone know what I can do to fix the situation? Thank you in advance.

What soundcard / driver have you installed? Do you hear sound in other apps, e.g. media player?

Thank you for your reply.

I believe I have two drivers, one of them is called “Intel ® Display Audio version 6.14” and the other is called “Sound Blaster Recon3Di version 6.0” by CREATIVE.

Normally I can hear sound from other applications, but when I open Cubase my sound messes up and I can no longer hear sound anywhere. If I restart the computer, the sound comes back.

Without the ASIO4All driver, cubase will not work properly. Maybe you should uninstall the old failed installation of ASIO4all first or / and try a registry cleaner like “ccleaner”. Make shure you have the latest version of ASIO4all driver.

It seems that the registry cleaner has worked, as I now have selectable options under VST connections and there is sound. Thank you for your suggestion.