No sound coming from Dorico Elements 4

I can’t seem to hear any of my projects from my Dorico. I have tried watching videos and restarting my laptop and nothing is changing. Please if there is anyone who can help, that would be great.
Thank you

Welcome to the forum @Sam_Gilmour .

Please load a project into Dorico and then choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Thanks for helping. I think I’ve attached the right zip file.

Dorico (552.7 KB)

Thanks for the data. Your problem is that the driver “sees” no port to play out to. Please go to Edit > Device Setup and in there click the Control Panel Button, a new little window opens. Toggle the switch at the top of that window saying something with ‘Allow host applications…’
If you do that, does then at least one output port appear in the list in the middle of the window?

Yes there is, but the “Allow ASIO host applications…” stays unticked and I have to tick it over and over again

That is unusual. Normally ports disappear when that option is ticked.
But on Windows side there is a similar setting and it is also about allowing applications exclusive access to sound devices. Please make sure that that Windows option is also not selected.
Of how to get to that option you can read in this thread

@Ulf for some reason, I turned on my laptop and the sound was back! Weird, right? I don’t know if I needed to leave it to start after my laptop update.
But anyway, thank you so much for helping me out and I fully appreciate it.

Well, good that your sound is back. And no worries, I’m always happy to help.