No sound coming from Kontak player in Cubase

Just picked up the Abbey Road Drums and Studio Drummer from NI.

Downloaded the required Kontak Player and played around with Kontak as a standalone. Everything seems to work fine, until I load Kontak in Cubase 5;

In Cubase, Kontak is recognizing/playing all midi files - but I hear no audio.

I’ve loaded Addictive Drums and other virtual instruments in Cubase (not using Kontak) and I have no problems.

Any suggestions? aside from contacting NI Support - which in the past has been a complete waste of time.

How are you loading Kontakt player? IN an instrument track or in the Instrument Rack? (F11)

I’ve tried both.

problem solved…NI came through!

Nice, what was the problem? It might help someone else on here in the future :slight_smile: