NO sound coming out from cubase 5 to my head phones

Guys i had cubase working now for years fine … i am not pro using the program but what i know is that it was working fine so far untill today i got into it to record and i had no sound coming into my headphones … i have the indicators working ( signals ) but still no sound
my sound card is maya22usb

here is my setup

last program i install was OBS studio ( a streaming program )

Help is always appriciated

Wondering what you have set as the Input and Output for the track you are recording on?

Have you shut off the audio track(s) “record enable” and “monitor” functions to hear what you recorded?

Is the volume for your main stereo out channel set high enough to hear what you recorded?

Also I noticed that you have the input bus set to stereo. That’s fine if you are actually connecting a stereo source to the two connections but, if you are just using a one connection source (like a mono mic or a mono guitar) you should have those two connections set up as separate mono input buses.

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