no sound coming out

Hi. I finally worked out how to download Cuebase10.5. I now have it installed on my computer. What I am now experiencing is no recording OR sound output. I am using a UR44C Audio Interface with windows 10 on a PC. I can’t find any tutorials that tell me how to set IT up in conjunction WITH Cuebase10.5. All the tutorials available on the internet and Youtube are set AFTER Cuebase is already up and running. Are there any tutorials that go thru the actual set-up STEP-BY-STEP. From opening the box to setting up all the programs to recording the first live vocals. And when I say STEP-BY-STEP, that’s exactly what I mean. Nearly all the tutorials ASSUME the user has a base knowledge. I have never used Cuebase, although I have used other DAWS. I am finding Cuebase more than a little confusing. Can anyone help me?

oh my :slight_smile: well that seems like a big task ahead.

first of all - have you installed the drivers for you soundcard ?
second - have you been to the setup in cubase to make sure you are running the correct asio driver? in the cubase menu go to Studio -> VST Audio System

once selected correct driver dump a loop in your cubase and check that you get sound playing back. better start there :wink:

then go for recording after that