No sound coming out!

I know I’m probably being stupid, but…
I have Cubase 11 Pro installed on my Windows Desktop and I have everything working perfectly with an M-Audio M-Track Duo. I am using sounds through Halion SE and also I have downloaded Roland Sound Canvas VST. Both these work perfectly on the desktop.
However, I have a laptop with everything installed exactly the same, but no sound coming out. Cubase loads up the VST instruments and the same project loads up as on the desktop. The meters are running, but no sound. I have checked the driver for the M-Track Duo and, when checking the “Studio Setup”, it shows the M-Track Duo and all inputs and outputs are shown as active. What have I done wrong?

Check Audio Connections

I have checked other connections and it now appears the problem is with Halion SE itself! When I try to add a new instrument, Halion doesn’t show any! They are there on the desktop, but not on the laptop. As a result, when I try and use the same project, it plays on the desktop, but not on the laptop. I have tried to re-install Halion, but it has made no difference. Any thoughts? The Roland plug in is working ok.

Have you downloaded the content and installed that? It is separate to halion

Yes, I have. I may try to delete everything tomorrow and do a complete re-install. I really don’t understand what’s going on!