No sound, crash on "Play"

I just bought Dorico yesterday. The first time I opened it, I didn’t have HALion installed because I figured Dorico would let me use Kontakt instead. If I pressed the play button once nothing would happen. If I pressed it twice, Dorico would stop responding indefinitely (I did configure Kontakt with the instrument I wanted). I then downloaded HALion. The same issue occurs. I can’t get any playback out of Dorico. If I enter Kontakt or HALion from within the “Play” tab I am able to get a sound, but somewhere between the plugin and the midi there is an error.

I am running on Mac 10.14.4

Welcome to the forum, c___. I’m sorry you’ve had problems within the first day of using the software! Can you please go to the Help menu and choose Create Diagnostic Report, then find the zip file produced on your desktop and attach it here?

Working through this troubleshooting video step by step might solve your problem.

Hello, I’ve solved the problem. For anyone with a similar problem: make sure to close your DAW. Ableton Live in particular messes with the way midi gets to the VSTs.