NO SOUND - Cubase 5 - Komplete Audio 6

Hi guys,

I had lost my desire to produce with the loss of my HDD and my projects (one year ago) but now I am back.

Sadly after re-installing eeeeverything, and re-connecting everything, my sound card isn´t working anymore in Cubase 5.

The complete Audio 6 works in Natives Machine Mikro, Safari, Sportify etc. but not in Cubase.

I saw that Cubase isn´t compatible with my latest OS X update, but it works fine with built in audio. When I select the Audio 6 in preferences, it shows up, and I even selected VST Connections -> Bus 1 and 2 (Stereo). That cables are in output 1 and 2 but no channel on the mixer has sound on the meters, and the card is getting no signal.

(when I change to built in, the mixer returns to live and the output meters flash and sound comes out of the laptop speakers).


1.Drivers etc. are updated via service center (Native Instr.)
2. Soundcard is selected as Audio Driver (Audio 6 shows up as usual)
3. Output Bus are selected as Kompl. Audio 6, Stereo 1 and 2 (left and right)
4. Cables are double checked and 100% right
5. Signal light on the sound card show no input, Mixer is dead = no sound at all
6. Back to built in, everything works fine (So Cubase 5 should be ok on new OS X 10.10)

What now?!

Please help, I don´t want my music to die because of damn technology rage!


did you ever get a fix for this? I have exactly the same problem - it all used to work OK, but now it doesn’t. I did put a more recent version of the Cubase Studio 5 that I use onto my Mac a little while back - can’t remember if that was the same time that it stopped working.