No sound, Cubase 9 Artist.

I recently got Cubase and after I had downloaded it, no sound will output from my in-bulit speakers. In the audio output section, it stands “Not Connected” and the only option is airplay. Otherwise it stands “Not Connected”.

Aloha b, welcome to the board. 'E Komo Mai!

1-I searched the Steinberg home page and could not find a version
of Cubase 9 Artist anywhere. Perhaps that was a typo.

2- A list of all your hard/software might help other users to understand
and aid you with your prob.

3-You mentioned ‘Airplay’ so it sounds like you are using a Mac
but some details would be nice.

4-Try re-installing.

Good Luck!

there is no cubase 9 now, so far as i now. and when u order it it will be sent to u my post! u can only download uppdates!

Hmm, maybe he sells it with customized bitmaps :wink: