No Sound Cubase LE al Elements 8

Hi! I’m new to Cubase and to this forum so I’m sorry if this is a common question/obvious. I’m not good at describing tech issues so let me know if there’s missing information.

I have this problem where Cubase (seemingly unpredictably) silences tracks. This happens extremely frequently. For example, I will record some audio and then I will listen to it once. When I try to listen again, it’s silent although I can still see the levels moving. The “M” and “S” are not selected on the tracks. I also have this problem with MIDI. I will be trying out various VSTs and then suddenly the sound stops working.

I heard that this could be caused by volume automation. I tried to turn off volume automation, but clicking it in the drop down panel on the tracks doesn’t seem to do anything–as in, I still don’t hear anything and the “volume automation” option still appears in the drop down panel looking exactly the same.

Some background info:
Windows 10 64 bit
Akai MPK mini MIDI controller plugged into USB port, mapped manually
Sound Output to Alesis iO2 Express, also plugged into a USB port
Sound works fine outside Cubase
Version is up to date
I’m using Halion Sonic SE VSTs and I also want to use some free VSTs I found online

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Buffer Size of your Audio Device is on the high value.

Make sure, Monitor button is switched Off while playback.