No sound device is connected to the PC (?)


I use Cubase 6 with Firepod interface. There was something wrong in my Win (XP) operating system. The system was reinstalled and it is working fine now. I also reinstalled Cubase 6 and Firepod. However, when I switch from ASIO DirectX Full Duplex to Firepod in Cubase 6 Devise Setup I get the comment “No sound device is connected to the PC”. Everything seem to be okay, but this is how it goes every time. I have un- and reinstalled Firepod many times. Also tried Firebox with the same results.

Any suggestions what might be wrong?


If you are running XPSP3 then you might want to revert to XPSP2. I would also suggest that a Win7 install would not be experiencing this problem and XP is not supported. Good luck.