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Hey there. I’m using the 30 day trial of NotePerformer, and have to save, quit, restart every hour to make it work. It was all working fine, but the last few times I’ve reopened, the playback isn’t working on this particular song. But it does work on other pieces. I’ve read the form discussions and tried everything recommended but no joy. Can you help?

Not surprising it stops every hour.

If you think you will continue to use it, you can “rent to buy” for about $10 a month.

I read that as @louisalynepatterson knows about the restrictions of the trial version and otherwise it’s working fine except on one specific file. If that’s the case, I suggest posting that file (or a section which shows the problem) here and I or someone else can quickly check it over to see if we can replicate.

Hi @louisalynepatterson , I second what dko22 wrote.
I have not heard of such case before, but I can well imagine that Dorico gets into a funny state when you save a project where the plug-in is in this trial mode and refuses to work properly. Only Arne Wallander would know what NotePerformer sends to Dorico, when Dorico wants to save the project and collect all plug-in state data. So yes, please post some example project please.

Thanks @Ulf and @dko22, here it is. I’d love your help with this, thank you

I looked at this in Dorico 4 and for some reason (perhaps the demo timed out when saving or something) all the channels are shown as mute so there is no sound, just as you say. When I reapplied the NotePerformer Playback Template, everything now works fine. Please go to the Play menu and select Playback template and reselect NotePerformer – it ought to work again then for you as well.

If it doesn’t, then here is the repaired version – I tested this in Dorico 3.5 (my oldest version) and it seems OK. Just ignore the message that it’s saved in a later version.
In the (767.7 KB)

The reason for NotePerformer being muted is because the Metronome channel (DoricoBeep) is set to solo, and therefor everything else is muted.
So simply go to Play mode and un-solo the DoricoBeep channel and everything will be fine again.

indeed, unsoloing the beep should be the easiest but I still got no sound when I did this for some reason (probably after saving and going back in it would also work).

Thank you both. Nothing was muted when I opened it and sound still wasn’t playing. But I’m now working happily from your repaired version @dko22, thanks so much.

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glad it’s now working for you!