No sound during pre-count


I apologize if this is one of those silly settings that is probably right under my nose, but it is late and this is driving me crazy (plus I am coming from a Logic 8-9 era backround).

When I hit Record there is only the metronome beeps during pre-count. No playback from the other tracks, that I would desparatly need to monitor. Playback only kicks in where the cursor is set when I hit record. This kind of defeats the purpose of a count in if I can’t jam along with the existing tracks!



Yes, this is Cubase behaviour. Only the Metronome sound is audible during the Pre-count. If you want to here the signal, just move your Cursor few bars ahead. Then you can use Punch-In to jump in to Record at the place you need to.

Thanks Martin!

Oh boy, the things you miss when switching DAW’s… I ended up recording so that I always have the left locator point set up 2 (or more) bars before the new take/overdub is supposed to kick in. This makes me question the purpose of having a pre-count :slight_smile: Hope they do something about it in the future!
Thanks again and cheers!

I would say it’s a nice topic to the Feature Request forum here.