No sound exept Iconica Sketch

Since installing Dorico 5.1, I get no sound from any other instrument than Iconica Sketch. Libraries are installed and loaded (at least it seems so), but no sound when played.

Have you selected or created Playback Templates for the different groups?

I selected one of the default playback templates.

Do you also have Cubase 13 installed? Could this link help you?

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Yes, I have Cubase 13 installed. And no, the linked preset installer did not help.
Still no sound except Iconica Sketch instruments.
I am on a Mac M1 Max with the latest Sonoma version, if that helps.

What happens when you start a new project from a solo piano template? The piano patch does not get loaded. After creating that, please do from the Dorico menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Here is the diagnostic file and a screenshot from Halion Sonic.

Dorico (822.6 KB)

Thanks for the data, but looking at it, I see no reason why it should not sound.
What if you click with the mouse on keyboard of the HALion window?
Is there some metering flickering then?
And you expect sound to come out via your Babyface Analog 1 + 2, right?
What if you switch on the metronome, does that make sound in that project?

Clicking on the keyboard produces no sound, midi activity symbol flickers.
Metronome works fine.
And yes, it should come through the Babyface.
I tested Halion in Cubase, it’s the same problem.

Hi Ludwig, that is strange. But it must be the problem as I’ve linked already before (reminder: HS remains silent) Would you please follow that advice once more and also make sure that you reboot you machine afterwards.

Hi Ulf,
I did that, the result is the same. No sound except Iconica Sketch. I attach a screenshot from the library manager with the installation paths. I checked if the files are really there, and yes, they are.

Quick follow up, the update patcher for the Sonic Selection does not work for Ludwig. Our installer team needs to take a look in January.

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Hi @ludwignobel ,
sorry, we are making slow progress on this, but could you please check following:

If you go to /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5/PluginPresetLibraries, what files and subfolders are there to be found in your case? Please make a listing and post here. Thank you very much.

You really mean Dorico 3.5?
These are the folders and files:

Oh, sorry, of course not, I mean the Dorico version that you have.
See I’m currently dealing with quite a few customers on different Dorico versions, and my head starts spinning: Which person has what problem on Dorico X. I think I need to start keeping notes, like every doctor does for their patients. Otherwise it’s getting too much for me, as it seems…

Or getting a little bit older :slight_smile:
Sorry, couldn’t resist …

Here is the Dorico 5 folder:

Und übrigens noch eins gutes neues Jahr!

Frohes Neues, Ludwig!

Und entschuldige Bitte, dass ich mich so spaet erst melde, aber Du bist nicht vergessen.
Also, die richtigen Dateien sind am richtigen Ort, so wie es aussieht.
Koennen wir vielleicht noch einmal eine Zoom session machen?
Vielleicht bin ich auf dem Holzweg und es ist ein ganz anderes Problem.

Danke und Gruss

Hallo Ulf,

Kein Problem, es eilt nicht so sehr.
Für ein Zoom-Meeting bin ich jeweils am Vormittag erreichbar, am besten vor 11:00. Ausser Donnerstag, das geht nicht.
Gib mir einfach Bescheid, wann es für dich passt.

Liebe Grüsse

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Ups, sorry, you are right @PjotrB .
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