No sound for imported MusicXML file


I have imported an orchestra piece, a musicXML file, into Cubase.
When I played it, there is no sound.
I can see the score is playing. And I can hear those Cubase sound samples.
Do I need to do something about my audio setting when I import some file into Cubase?
I have checked Audio Connection and Studio Setup, all devices are connected (ASIO)


What type of tracks have been created? MIDI Tracks or Instrument tracks? Where are the outputs routed to?

Hi, it is a MIDI file.

Under Control Room, the 1st bus Monitor 1 does not any audio device because if I tried to put ASIO in, my Output will be disconnected.
I have tried to put ASIO under Monitor 1 with Output has not audio device, it had no sound as well.
Do I need to assign another audio device for my control room?


If it’s a MIDI track, you have to route it to any sound generator (synthesiser) to get a sound. Do you have any hardware? Or create an Instrument Track: HALion Sonic SE. Add a sounds from the library and route the MIDI Tracks to the Instrument Track HALion Sonic SE.

Yes, It worked! Thank you so much

Sorry for these many questions…
When my MIDI tracks have sounds, my Loop & Samples do not have any sound… I am confused. Do I have to have multiple routings for every file?


What Audio Device do you use, please? Could you add a screenshots of the routing?