No sound for some instruments

I found the thread ‘Help no sound’ in my search to get Halion play like I want.
This should be the link:

But it was from a few years ago so I decided to create a new thread.

I opened a Jazz quartet from the hub: only trumpet and drums play back. Piano and bass don’t. In older arrangements I made, Halion works fine.
I followed Daniëls and Ulf’s detailed advise (in short: make it a .zip - file, delete playback prefs and change back to .dorico again).
There is still no sound. Maybe I messed thing up…
Is there an update for Daniëls solution; how to handle this?

Jazz quartet - no sound for piano and bass.dorico (2.6 MB)

Please do it again, create a new project from that jazz template and then do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Hi, I have the same problem since upgrading to Dorico 5 - no sounds for players in most templates :frowning:

Give us a bit of detail to go on! What libraries are you using? Are the instruments shown in the VSTs? (E.g. can you load them into the player.)

Most? Which templates work?

Have you just updated to version 5, or did you update a while ago, but only now have things gone wrong?

Hi, just noticed it recently. On Dorico 4 it was OK, but now on Dorico 5 default project templates with default playback templates won’t load most instruments from Halion - empty slots.
I didn’t want to create new topic so wrote to two existing on the forum.

@MarcinEr, please don’t post the same issue in multiple threads. Pick one, and stick to it. You’ve now posted about this in three separate threads.


Sorry for that, I was looking for solution, thanks.

The people most likely to help you are the most likely to read all threads.

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Dorico (1.4 MB)
So I opened from the Hub: in Jazz: Jazz quartet. Put some notes in, that’s it.

To answer Benwiggy.
Yes, latest Dorico 5 version.
I do have JABB installed and was in a search (more struggle) how to combine Halion and JABB. I probably did something wrong…

After a mail from Steinberg to udate the Download Assistant I did so and there were some sound-updates to do. I did the ‘update all’ version.

I enclosed a screenshot from the Halion player. No sounds installed for piano and bass but that should be done automatically.

Daniel just provided me a small plugin that solved the problem…
Amazing this Dorico support in general and Daniël in particular for many many years.
Appreciated, thanks!

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