No sound for this file in Dorico Pro 2

I’ve just installed Dorico Pro 2 and found a problem in this file (attached).
I’m using two flows “original” and “final ver”, and in play mode, both flows play properly with sound when I use Dorico 1.

When I open this same file with Dorico Pro 2, the file plays sound with “original” flow but there is no sound when I switch to “final ver” flow in play back mode. I have tried fiddling with the VST instruments (both HALion Sonic SE and NotePerformer), reseting Playback Template, and also reseting the audio engine of the file (by opening the file as zip and delete its \supplementary_data\vstaudioengine\enginedata), etc… all can’t help.

I have made a short video showing the issue, it’s link is here:

Please let me know how to correct this issue, thanks in advance!

JM. (440 KB)

I don’t think it’s helped that you’ve manually deleted the audio engine data from inside the project. You’ll need to do Play > Playback Template to restore it. I believe the issue is that Dorico can’t play back both flows because they’re not assigned to the same layout, and I think you’re encountering some undefined behaviour when it comes to which of the two full score layouts in your project Dorico will pick to try to generate playback information.

Hi Daniel,
I have tried setting the Play>Playback Template a few times, no help (I have already spent a few hours trying to solve it, can’t find any solution, so I really need external help). The “delete audio engine data” is just one of the things I tried out of desperation. I also assigned the instruments in the Setup mode, but none of these can make the sound come out (in both flows). The green cursor only works in one set of instruments layout.

Also, I created another file, initially with 1 flow, everything works well and the sound plays back ok. Then when I added a second flow, then the same problem arises. Would you be able to help modify the file attached (in my first email) so that I can see the solution?


Unfortunately upon further investigation this is a bug – if you have a layout with only some of the flows attached, it won’t play back. Attach all the flows to the layout, and they’ll all play back correctly. This is something we will fix ASAP.

What I have found myself is that it seems that not attaching the first flow is the issue. If I keep adding flows to a new project, everything will play if remove a few (except for flow 1) from a layout. In an old file such as above, I was able to make it play by changing the order of the two flows. It didn’t play at first, but reload the playback template (I switched to Note Performer and back, in my case) did the trick, and I could play the music now that it was flow 1.

ok, then I know what to do to hear the sound! I just need to attach all flows and change the layout master page to ignore the unneeded flow. This works now. I just need a workaround for my arrangement work…


You’re absolutely right. I’ve just been looking (and hopefully) fixing this. See the explanation in this thread: