No sound for unpitched percussion

I create a bass drum player. All entrance notes comes on the single line but no sound.
I create several other unpitched percussion players, they all get a single line but the Halion shows a piano and even though all notes I input come on the single line they will sound with various pitches on piano or not at all.
These are not rare sounds but rather a cowbell, hi hat or bongo, instruments that I’d expect to find in the Halion.
Any explanation or hints?

I’m afraid there’s probably no sensible mapping for the bass drum by default. You should be able to get some kind of sound by manually loading an appropriate bass drum patch into HALion Sonic SE.

Thank you Daniel, but what about the other sounds that gives me a piano with different notes though the single line shows all the same?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re asking. Dorico will not always choose an appropriate sound for unpitched percussion sounds, in which case you might end up with a piano sound, but you should be able to load the appropriate sound into HALion.

I ask for a cowbell for example. I get a one line staff. I put notes on it. No sound. When I look at the halion keyboard I find that C5 to F5 give me the cowbell sound but when I put notes on the staff from the computer they are C3 to B3 and don’t make a sound. That’s not good. I would expect that any note I hit for an unpitched percussion would give me the correct sound.

Dorico’s handling of unpitched percussion is at a very rudimentary and embryonic stage at present, so I’m afraid there’s not a lot you can do at the moment, except perhaps have an additional player and instrument with a 5-line staff in your project with the appropriate notes on it, which you exclude from the score layout that gets printed.

OK, I can live with that as long as I understand it. I suppose this is not a top priority for an engraving program. Thank you.

It is a high priority, but there are many high priorities, and with a small development team we unfortunately cannot work on everything at the same time.

I’m having much the same issue as this.
I have understood that I have to make a manual map, but I don’t know how all that works, and with so many (great) tutorials and Dicover Doricos, I was wondering if anyone would tell me of a tutorial or article that really, thoroughly explains it. I want it to get technical, but to be explained in an easy to understand way. I don’t mind putting in some effort, I just need to know where I can find the information I need.
Any such resource?

All the best!

Jim-Roger, this is a very old thread, and Dorico added support for percussion back in version 1.2. I suggest you start a new thread with a specific question about exactly what you want to achieve, and then we should be able to provide the help you need.