No sound from almost all tracks

I’m running Cubase 8.5 on Windows 7 64 bit. I have a project that I’ve been working on for about the past 6 months. It contains 40 tracks, all VSTs. I had it open last night and listened to it but didn’t save anything. Last night it was fine. I’ve opened the project again tonight and now all but 6 of the tracks are silent. Nobody else has access to this PC so nobody can possibly have changed anything since last night.

None of the affected tracks show any activity on the mixer
If I copy one of the affected tracks to another project, it remains silent
If I open one of the affected Sylenth tracks and play/click a key, both of its L and R out put channels light up on Sylenth itself but there’s still no activity on the mixer
Nothing is showing as muted or solo’d
If I add a new VST instrument track it seems to work fine

I cannot believe this has happened now of all times when I needed Cubase to actually work as it should, the day before an engineer is coming in to finish mixing and mastering. Can anybody shed any light on what is going on??

I take it, you filed a report with Steinberg by now?

I did, but I’ve just accessed the project again and it all appears to be working. On the one hand this is great, but on the other hand it’s very disconcerting that it could happen in the first place and I still have no idea why.
Last night I tried everything I could think of to no avail. Even closing down and restarting Cubase didn’t help. Nothing was muted. None of the routing of any of the silent tracks differed from that of the audible tracks. Most importantly nothing had changed since the last time I opened it and had played it back flawlessly. This isn’t the first time that Cubase has randomly done something incredibly weird (in fact just a few weeks ago it added in around 60 automation tracks, with totally random automation points dotted throughout) and although I’ve been a Steinberg customer for years and have spent a lot of money with them and a lot of time learning Cubase inside and out, I’m seriously considering jumping ship to another DAW software brand because for things like this to happen with a £500+ piece of software apparently designed for use by professional producers is, in my opinion, unacceptable and every day the list of unresolved issues on this forum seems to grow longer and longer.

Worse still, where other music software developers release regular bug fixes and even performance, GUI and usability improvements for free, with Cubase you only seem to get these (the latter two in particular) in updates that you have to pay for!

A lot of people are having this same issue. I sure am. It’s been said by a forum poster said that Steinberg is aware of it, and that it will be fixed in the next patch. I hope that’s true.

I have a song in a similar state.

It has five instruments. 2 of which seem to be silent on file load.

In my case the two offending vsts are both Native Instruments plugins. Battery and Reaktor.

I started with Reaktor 6, then due to the issue, removed the plugin and used Reaktor 5 instead. That was fine for two or three reopens, but now I’m not getting sound out of Reaktor 5.

Battery would work, if I changed patch then changed it back again.
Removing the instance and re adding it seems to have fixed it for now.
I’ve just rendered the battery midi to audio though, since I’m wasting so much time messing with this.

I have raised an issue with Native Instruments, but have heard nothing back.

Using Cubase Pro 8.5

Something similar for me… Any track that I activate volume automation goes silent until I deactivate the automation and move the slider. I tried routing to a group channel but the group channel does the same thing.

I would have opened a ticket with Steinberg but I get a ‘No Server Found’ message when trying to log into my account…

I’ve been having the same issue with Reaktor! Just on a whim I thought I’d do a search here to see if anyone has had a similar issue. Didn’t see anything over on NI’s forum. I have new computer and still am in the process of installing things. All the VSTs were working fine until I installed Reaktor 5. Then I upgraded and still nothing. Can pull up instruments in Reaktor. Load patches. Can see midi input in Reaktor. Checked all my I/O…seemed fine. Don’t know what’s up. Was going to upgrade to Reaktor 6, but not with these issues. Guess I’ll write NI support. I would imagine there will be some finger pointing between NI and Steinberg.