No sound from any of the keyboards e.g. piano

No sound from any of the Halion (HSSE+HSO (Pro)) keyboards (accordion, piano, organ, etc.) but all other Halion instrument sounds seems to work as normal. Strangely enough , when loading older pieces for piano the Halion sounds are working as expected (so the path should be okay). it is only when creating new keyboard projects .
I’ve had a trial version of NotePeformer installed recently and thought that it might be the culprit. But it has /should have been completely removed.
Any suggestions?
best, Martin

Could it be the problem described here ?

No, I’ve tried running that ‘app’ already. No change what so ever.
I’ve also tried reinstalling Halion – but no luck I’m afraid.
Thank you very much for your responce and engagement :+1:

Would you please then create a new project from solo piano template, enter a handful of notes and then choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thank you

It works now! Reinstalling Halion once again did the trick. The only difference between the first reinstallation and this one seems to be that the computer was upgraded to macOS 13.6.3 this morning …
Again: Thanks for your replies and suggestions!

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