No sound from audio track

Newb here, I’ve read lots of posts about similar newb problems but can’t fix mine.
I recorded a guitar track through my UR22MKII and I can see it in Cubase (piano roll is there and the levels move when I hit play), but there’s no output.
I know there’s output going to my speakers.
I’ve checked that the UR22 is my ASIO driver selection and my audio connections are set correctly.
This is only my 2nd project, but I was able to play and hear my first project so not sure what’s different this time.
Can anyone offer any suggestions, thanks?

Piano roll is on MIDI / Instrument parts not in audio.

Sorry, like I said I’m new to this, including the lingo. I guess I meant there is clealy audio showing in the track.

At any rate, I saved my project, closed Cubase, reopened Cubase and there was sound! Can anyone possibly explain why this may have happened to help save me time down the road? Thanks.

F4 -> Control Room tab
Either turn it off (blue button) or set the outputs

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I have AI 9.5. F4 takes me to Audio Connections, is that what you mean?

That´s wat JM Cecil meant, but you don´t have the control room in AI

Audio connections look ok.
So the same thing happened again (as per original post above). My project has 4 tracks so far. I added a guitar track as a 5th track and there’s clearly audio recorded, but when I play it back only the 4 tracks play without my newly added guitar track. If I click the “solo” button on the new track still no sound. Monitor button is on.
Help please, thanks!

(Input) Monitor button must be off for playback!

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Thanks for that info, but I should have mentioned I toggled the monitor button on and off while trying to trouble-shoot the problem, so that wasn’t it.

Here’s a bit more detail to my problem. When I add an audio track, I don’t click on “browse” to select a preset, I just add an audio track with no preset. It says “No Track Preset” in the inspector. Then I record my guitar through the UR22 and I can see that there’s been audio recorded. But when I play it back there’s no sound. BUT, if I go in and apply a preset (for example “Big Clean Guitar”) I can hear the recording. How can I hear my recording without applying a preset?

im having a similar problem. I can hear myself through my mic but cubase isn’t detecting/ monitoring any sound. I have my inputs and outputs OK I think and i have the latest driver corresponding with my interface. Any help would be great, thanks in advance guys (;

I’m using Cubase LE AI Elements 9 and Cubase LE 4 ( I 'm a beginner to use this software : Cubase)
I record my piano on the first track
After while I’m listening my piano ( on the 1rst track) , I record my guitar on the second trach .
My problem is : when I payback the 2nd track (guitar) I don’t want to understand piano recorded on this track ?? Can you help to avoid the track being superimposed )

Re. my previous post above, maybe my last sentence/question should have been “Why can’t I hear the recording I made that didn’t have a preset, but then I can hear it after applying a preset?”

Hey, I’m facing the same issue as you did back in 2018. I’m using cubase 10.5 elements. Were you able to get fixed? If yes, could let me know how?

I’m new to Cubase (using 11) and this conversation ain’t old to me. Same problem as above. I fixed it by using ‘track preset’ to get audio. No ‘track preset’ - no audio. I picked ‘mono’ at the top of the list; didn’t add anything to the sound. Not sure if this it what you’re supposed to do because my searches didn’t show anyone saying you had to do that. Dunno.

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perfect. thanks.