No sound from CI1

Hi, my computer is not brand new but good enough running on win xp.
Today i bought my CI1 to replace my old Creative SoundBlaster Live! soundcard.
I followed the installation instructions and i thought it was working at once, found out though that it was the old soundcard still playing because once i try to disable the old soundcard i get no sound at all.
The drivers seems fine, i can see the steinberg CI1 in device manager.
So now i got two soundcards installed and only the old one seems to work.
Any ideas on how to fix this?

Is the Ci selected as the default playback and recording device under your control panel>Hardware and Sound>Sound?

Yep, once i change to the Ci i get no sound, i think il format and install a fresh windows with no internal soundcard drivers, about time anyway.
If it doesnt work il post here again.