No sound from computer


I’m new to Cubase and DAW’s, so, i downloaded Cubase EL 9,
and when it starts up, there’s no sound at all from my computer,
nor from cubase.

I’ve tried switching de ASIO driver to Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver,
and to ASIO4ALL v2, but I haven’t had any luck.
Sometimes, when I start cubase, it won’t make any sound despite the
rest of the computer still making sound. (Youtube, and etc.)

Already tried to initiate it in Safe Mode, but it didn’t help.
Also, it looks like the only driver that works is the ASIO4ALL
since when I choose it, the meter peak bounces.

Windows 8.1
No soundboard, but the generic one (which comes with the computer).

And sorry for my english, it isn’t my native language, hope you all can understand it.

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to follow the Quick Start videos on the official Steinberg YouTube channel. These videos explain the basic setup.

Thanks m8, but I have already followed the Quick
Start videos from the official Steinberg YT Channel,
and many more.

Still, it doesn’t work.
Edit: No matter what drive I choose, there’s no sound
coming from cubase. Yet, depending on the driver that
I choose, the peak bar moves.


What do you mean by “the peak bar moves”?

Could you try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size?

Hi again

Sorry, I think it’s named “meter peak”… It’s like that.
When you play your track, those bars move up and down
representing how “loud” it is, I guess. Of course these on the
image aren’t from cubase, but it works the same way over

Anyway, I did manage to solve the problem by closing my
YT videos and restart the cubase. Apparently, since the
driver was in use by something else (youtube, I guess),
it wouldn’t let cubase use it.

Now, since it’s fixed, I can’t sadly watch youtube videos,
but I guess that’s the price to pay for using Cubase…

Go to Devices > Device Setup

Click the box which says “Release Driver when Application is in Background”

see last 2 minutes of this video