No Sound From Cubase 10 Elements

Could someone please help me with this…?

When I play a track that I have tested on another computer in Cubase 10 elements, Cubase is telling me that I should be able to hear the track but I can’t. I have opened my computer’s volume mixer and there is no audio output from Cubase. I have gone to the Cubase control panel and I have set the audio output to my headphones but I still have no audio output from the program when I play my track. Other sounds on my computer work and I can hear the music when I export and play the track as a MIDI file.

I am currently using the 30 days free trial of Cubase 10 elements.

I have tried as many things as I can think of and I have searched youtube and the rest of the internet for answers and I would appreciate it if someone were to reply with some kind of help.