No sound from Cubase 5.1 and UR824

I just got my UR824 in the mail, installed the drivers, plugged it in and I’m able to get sound when I play something through Windows - YouTube for example.

However I can’t get any sort of sound or input into Cubase. Previously recorded files, imported files, nothing. When I open the DspMix program I can see the levels coming in from the microphone, but I just can’t figure out where the routing issue inside of Cubase is. I’m attaching screenshots from the Device Setup window. Thanks!

Also - I’ve tried checking and unchecking Direct Monitoring to no avail.

So, um, I guess after re-opening Cubase a bunch of times it’s working now. I was messing with every setting all morning, then suddenly when I came back into Cubase it was like it figured out which channels to route audio to and from. Wish I could pass along my fix but this one seems to have magically fixed itself. :laughing: