No sound from Cubase LE 7 (using Yamaha MX49)

Hi everyone

I m relatively new to Cubase. I have been using Cubase LE 6 with my Yamaha MX49 and while using Cubase I could to hear instrument tracks as well as my synth while playing/recording. I have just updated to LE 7 and I m not able to hear any sound from Cubase any more when I play my MX. I have tried both with instrument and MIDI tracks. I thought LE7 would import previous definitions from LE6 but apparently it didnt.

I have noticed that in Devices >> Device Setup, the OUT channels are all inactive although I am not able to switch them to active.
VST Audio System is set to Yamaha Steinberg USB Audio, VST System Link is set to active,
In Devices >>VST Connections - Outputs, both inputs and outputs are set to Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO and it is the only option available (besides not connected)

Probably this is a newbie question and solution is quite easy…

Thanks in advance for helping me!


Your setup sounds fine (except for VST System link, you should disable that but it shouldn’t cause your problem).
If an output shows as inactive that means it’s not in use in your project. However, you say you set the in and outputs to the Yamaha ASIO in and outputs so that doesn’t make sense. If that is true, they should show as active.

You should be hearing sound through your keyboard outputs, not some other outputs, just to make sure :wink:

Thanks again… Still I get no sound from my laptop speakers. The MX has no speakers thus I need to use the laptop speakers instead to hear the sound from the MX (yes, I know I should have some proper external speakers)… So the question again is how to I disable the output from Yamaha and set the laptop speakers as the main output?

Ah, there you go. Cubase allows just 1 driver to be loaded at a time. That means if you load your Yamaha driver, Cubase only sees the in and outputs on your keyboard. Your laptop in and outputs will be unavailable.

There are 2 options for you. The first and best is to connect your speakers to your keyboard outputs instead of your laptop output. This is better because the yamaha ASIO driver is much better than the generic ASIO driver you will need for your laptop soundcard. If you are saying you are using the actual built in speakers on your laptop (boooo!), then this is not possible of course.
The 2nd option is using a driver to use with your onboard soundcard. There is usually some Generic driver available in the VST audio system tab that will work, but they often have huge latency and quickly start dropping out when under load. If you experience problems like this, you can try ASIO4all instead, that’s a better performing generic ASIO driver.

Thanks! Problem solved :sunglasses: