No sound from Cubase Program

I have recently installed Cubase LE and have imported midi tracks from sibelius. When I hit play there is no playback from the program even though I can see the tracks are playing. I have spent a great deal of time online trying to figure out how to fix it. I have checked my studio setup and my ASIO driver is on the generic low latency ASIO driver. I have also checked that my output is set on my computers speakers but there is still no sound coming through. I would really appreciate any advice people have on how to fix this. Thanks

MIDI is not audio. You need to have a sound generating device that is being triggered by the MIDI dat. in vase of Cubase LE, you can lnly do this with instrument tracks IIRC. Check the manual chapter „VST instruments“, and „instrument tracks“

I also cant get sound. I have tried to download a track from a CD and cant get it to play or get any sound from the systems. I have watched youtubes showing you can here addin like drums but still nothing.