No sound from Cubase


I’m new to Cubase, and Midi connections in general. I’ve just bought and installed Cubase Elements 6 but…

My problem is this: I get no sound from Cubase. Now I have a Midi connection between my piano and my desktop computer, and Cubase seems to be recieving a signal as i can record. But when i try to play what I’ve recorded I just can’t hear anything at all. I can’t even hear imported MP3’s.

I’ve chosen the M-audio Delta Asio driver but the problem still isn’t solved.

My computer specs,those I know of, are:
Windows Vista 32-bit SP2

Audiophile 2496 M-Audio - soundcard

I’ve read and read several posts but I just can’t find out how to solve my problem. I just need to get sound from my speakers when playing music in Cubase.

Any recommendations as to how I may solve this are welcome! And please give me a “How-to” as I’m just a newb at finding my way through this software.

Thank you ind advance!

What are the speakers connected to?

For MIDI, you do know that MIDI is just data and not sound, right? You need to use an external device or a VSTi for playback.

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After you have looked at the connections and made sure you have them correctly configured as detailed in the getting started manual. You will need to monitor from your M-Audio card, that means either connecting some speakers to it or using headphones if it has a headphone socket.

Okay, thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

Right, I’ve checked the connections and found that I hadn’t connected my speakers to the soundcard(Everything else was in check).
I’ve connected them now, and I know they have an integrated amplifier. Now atleast, I can hear music from Itunes and youtube.

However, I still cannot hear a single thing from Cubase so I’m guessing I need to check up on some output settings?

Already check the VST Connections and no problems there.

Is the ASIO driver for the device selected in Device Setup?


have my M-Audio Delta ASIO selected.

For the first timer there are a few things to set up. Soundcard & speakers seem to be working, correct ASIO driver and midi signal is coming in, so you need to check Devices menu / VST connections. Set up inputs and outputs in there and see how you get on.
Check settings in the Inspector after just in case buttons have been altered by accident, experiment, etc.


Did some experimenting here and there in Cubase and I can honestly not figure out where the problem was, other than it was somewhere in the software configuration.

It’s working now. Superb!

My speakers began to scratch though. Is that the quality of my speakers causing that? because I’ve never really noticed it before.

Thank you for helping me! :slight_smile:

When the ‘scratching’ happens, take a look at the ASIO meter (far left on the transport bar by default). Does it show a red light?

I have tried every option,no sound in Cubase AI.

Halion Sonic SE and Groove agent SE whether in Cubase AI or stand alone have no sound even when selecting the proper asio channels.

I can load Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE into Reaper and they both work lol which is the irony.