No sound from Dorico Elements 3.5

I’m new to Dorico’s elements 3.5 notation program and enjoying its power. Unfortunately I still have no playback sound after trying many YouTube suggested fixes. I’m using latest iMac 2020, Big Sur 11.1 with MOTU M2 interface (selected device). Midi is working and can input notes, Yamaha piano is the selected (solo) instrument (HALIon Sonic SE) and cursor in playback works. Still no sound! Need assistance. Thanks!

Hi paulemusic7
You’ll probably need to send diagnostic files iin order to get specific advice. You can create those in the help menu. It will create files on your desktop. Send them here or directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Ulf is the diagnostic files and audio specialist who has helped sooo many users in this kind of need :wink:

That’s right what Marc says. So please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and we’ll take it from there. But one additional question: If you select Built-in Audio as driver in Dorico, do you then get playback sound?

Thanks Marc. I’ll set that up and send it over.

I switched between the built in audio and M2 several times with no results. Thanks!

Dorico (470.1 KB)

Hi Marc and Ulf,
Thanks for your help!!

Thanks Paul! The logs show something weird, namely that no instrument return channels are created for HALion Sonic, therefore the sound gets sent into void.
Can you try to switch on the metronome during, I’d expect that to come out. Am I right?
For another test, please create a new project from piano template and create another diagnostics report, please.
We might have here an incompatibility issue on Big Sur. We need to find out.

The metronome does function. Attached is diagnostic from a new project.

Dorico (505 KB)

Hm, according to the logs there are now instrument channels for HALion. Can you do again please? Create a new piano project, add a handful of arbitrary notes, save the project and attach here. Many thanks.
I will also try with my double boot iMac and see if I can reproduce…

Well Bless my soul!! it now works with sound input and playback starting the new project. I guess I got off to a bad start with the first project.
Thanks so much Ulf.

Dorico (492 KB)

Maybe MuseScore open at the same time? Or some other notation app?

Hi Paul, glad to hear that it now works. And yeah, something must have gone wrong with your other project, but difficult to say or find out what. So let’s hope it stays fine now, but get in touch again if things get bad again.

Will definitely be in touch. Looking forward to exploring more of Dorico’s power.

Thanks for pointing that out. Only other program open when I launched a new project was Logic, but after I shut that down the sound issue didn’t clear up in Dorico. I guess rule one is to have only one program running at a time.