No sound from Dorico (incl. HALion, NotePerformer, end even Dorico Beep!)

Hi there,

I’m a new user having switched from Sibelius for a decade and am thoroughly impressed! However, I’m having an issue with playback in Dorico 4. It seems as though (at least, for me) playback is very finicky. Playback works on some scores but not others, and sometimes it just fails to work at all! This is for all audio, be it HALion, NotePerformer (the trial version), Dorico Beep, and the metronome, even!

Any help on this matter would be appreciated. Thank you!

Please find attached below a diagnostic report.

Dorico (530.0 KB)

You should give details of what platform you are one, what USB audio device you are using if any, what ASIO drivers you are using, and what version/edition of Dorico you are using. Without these basic details its hard for people to diagnose. Bluetooth headphones always cause flakiness issues - search the forum if that is what you are using.

Also, there re large numbers of posts here about audio not working. Worth doing a search. There’s even a complete checklist for audio issues somewhere here in the forum that covers all the common issues.

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Welcome to the forum, @Peskiertenor. For the projects that don’t play back at all, can you coax them back into life by re-applying the playback template, using Play > Playback Template?

Hi @Peskiertenor ,
thanks for the diagnostics. According to the logs everything looks fine so far, so I would expect sound to come out.
Just asking, but you are set up to stream the audio out to “Speakers (Steam Streaming Mi 1/2)”. Is that where you expect sound to come out?
Something else to check, go to Play Mode and at the lower zone you see the faders of the audio channels. On the right side in red is the master channel. When you hit the Play button, does that master channel show any metering?

Apologies for the late reply,

I’m on Windows 11, using the Generic Low Latency ASIO Drive.

Thanks to Ulf’s comment I believe I figured it out, however - I had to disable my other output devices fully and stick with the Realtek drivers.

(Thanks, Steam Streaming Speakers and Microphone, for never working properly and clogging up my system.)