No sound from East-West Opus VST plug-ins

I am having issues with Dorico 3.5 and East West Sounds amd their Opus library. I am getting no sounds from the channels set up for these plug-ins. I spoke to EW support, and they said they are having issues with Steinberg about compatibility matters with these plug-ins. What is the current state of negotiations?

Welcome to the forum leestreetstudios.

Personally I have not heard of anything in this regard, or at least not recently. There were issues on Mac regarding GateKeeper, but those were fixed long time ago.
If there are still compatibility issues, then I dare say it is EastWest’s responsibility to fix them.

What is more specifically the problem? Does the plug-in not load at all into Dorico, or does it load but simply not utters any sound?

If I assign a sound to Opus, I get absolutely no sound. The green progress bar does not appear either. My clean-my-mac software indicates that the problem is that the audio engine has detached and is frozen.
If I replace that channel and slot with Halion SE, the voice works wthout a problem.

Could you please load Opus again and then do Help >Create Diagnostics Report? The corresponding zip file attach here please.Thanks

You can use the “Play” player and everything works fine.